Case Studies —

MMG Communications is a New Zealand registered broadcast and communications business which owns and operates internet service providers (ISP’s) in New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

MMG is also a technology integrator and has designed and installed multiple broadcast and Telecom related sites in the Pacific Islands. MMG is privately owned and has extensive relationships across the region and continues to supply satellite, fibre and fixed wireless internet, managed services and power solutions to Government, enterprise and the corporate residential segment in PNG and New Zealand. As an engineering and TV production company we have been behind projects such as 2019 Pacific Games and the establishment of TV for Tuvalu and Kiribati.

MMG provided a remote camera system (PTZ) using IP based NDI to stream Tuvalu’s parliament for the first time. The project was part of the introduction of Television too Tuvalu which MMG successfully managed in 2019. MMG also set up newsroom systems along with a 12 channel pay tv operation which allowed for long term sustainability of the operation.

MMG was contracted by the Government of American Samoa to convert their analogue TV broadcast system to digital. The transition occurred throughout the COVID lock down period and involved countless hours of remote support with staff in Pagopago, New Zealand, Port Moresby and India to first transition all MCR and play-out then to transmission. The project is expected to be fully handed over by December 2022.

For Dr. David Mills and his family, like many others in rural Papua New Guinea, getting fast, reliable and cost effective internet services is critical to the work they do. Dr Mills and his wife Karina, who runs the International School, have lived in Enga Province since 2000. They have raised their family in the PNG highlands and consider Enga as home.